Fruitful Abundance - Northampton

How do you feel about food waste?

Do you think that as a country we could do more to waste less food?

Do you feel that you are the only one banging on about wasting food?

Do you feel that the way we buy our food is responsible for a lot of food waste?

How should we educate people to be more responsible with food?

Do you want to find out more?

Waste food bin



'Fruitful Abundance' is a Community Interest Company bringing increased knowledge and awareness about the food system in Northamptonshire and worldwide to make it equitable for all and sustainable for the future.

 This project includes:-

Elsie's Cafe

The Real Junk Food Project Northampton

The Allotment

Seedy Saturday

The Northampton Produce Show

This is a campaign to raise awareness of the role food plays in the world today, to grow produce locally, to make tasty amd healthy food from what we grow and to intercept food that is destined for landfill.



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